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Lesson 3 Piece from Online Class

May 29, 2013

This is the piece I made from Lesson 3 of Katie Pasquini Masopust’s Online class:


First off, the border is not red. It’s a nice deep apricot, but for some reason, my camera turned it red. Aside from that, the colors are true to the piece.

I printed the pears out on fabric, and thread painted them a bit with 8 different shades of thread. It could stand a lot more, but I wanted to send this picture off to Katie ASAP. I’m a whopping 3 lessons behind in this class, and need to catch up big time.

The blue fabric is some of my hand dyed fabric, and I crocheted the doily.

I used the Quick Easy Mitered Binding Tool technique for the edges – with the quilte top being 1.5″ bigger than the batting and backing. It worked liked a charm, and you can see a video on this technique by clicking on this link.

It’s been an eventful few days here. Saturday I reinjured my knee while out of town for a wedding. Instead of having fun with my family, I spent the entire weekend in the hotel room with an ice pack on my knee. I’ll be seeing my ortho surgeon in June and most likely having surgery ASAP. Hopefully, this will be resolved once and for all.

On a happier note, today was my birthday, and it was a wonderful day. Lots of phone calls from family and friends, with the requisite singing, followed by a really nice supper with my daughter, son-in-law, and husband. I also got to eat my very favorite dessert – a cassata cake – rum soaked sponge cake with chocolate, cream, frosting, and almonds This is a very rich, very decadent dessert, and I look forward to having some every year on my birthday.

I got to sew, played computer games, read some of a good book, and best of all, spent time with people I love, and who love me. It doesn’t get any better than this.



Ugly Fabric Challenge

May 22, 2013

I signed up to participate in an Ugly Dyeing Fabric Challenge this past spring, and finished my piece before the deadline. For this procrastinator, that is a minor miracle.

The challenge consists of the leader sending all the partiicpants a piece of hand-dyed fabric that she thinks is ugly. I really didn’t think it was ugly, but we are supposed to try different techniques on the fabric and transform it. Here is a picture of the original:

Ugly fabric original

There was quite a bit of brown in the fabric, so I thought I’d try discharging it in a solution of 50% Clorox bleach with 50% water, and this is what happened when the fabric was submerged:

Ugly fabric bleach bubbles

It looks like it’s in a bubble bath. The minute that fabric hit the liquid it started bubbling. When I swished it around, even more bubbles surfaced. After 5 mintues, I took the fabric out, neutralized it with anti-chlor, then rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed. The fabric would not stop forming bubbles. Hoping a trip throught the washing machine would help, I tried that next. Nope, the washing machine filled up with suds, but this is what it looked like after being washed and dried:

Ugly fabric discharged

Onto the next step. We were enjoying some nice sunny weather, so I thought I’d try sunprinting for the first time. I used Setacolor Transparent – Oriental Red and Dy-na-Flo Periwinkle – 2 parts fabric medium, 1 part paint – with a crocheted doily over the top:

Ugly fabric sun printing

And here are the results:

Ugly fabric finished

And here is a close-up:

Ugly fabric finished close up

I was really disappointed with my results. I was hoping for more distinct images, but the mottled fabric background combined with the airy crochet stitch, did not make for a good sun printing session. Lesson learned – use a solid image if you want a good print. The doily let in too much sunlight to the background fabric for a distinct print.

This was my first time participating in this challenge, and I’m afraid I turned a nice looking fabric, into a really, really ugly fabric. All is not lost though. It was a great learning experience. Thank-you, Barbara for offering me this opportunity.


Table Runner and Napkins

May 15, 2013

Last week I was in the mood to do some easy sewing. I had made an embroidered and quilted table runner the week before, and dealt with precise positioning all those little shapes, so felt I earned a little relaxing type of sewing:

table runner napkins

The 4 napkins certainly qualified as relaxing sewing. All you do is cut two 16″ squares, put right sides together, sew a 1/4″ around leaving a 2-3″ opening so you can turn the napkin right side out. I turned the little opening edges under, ironed all around, then top stitched all around. One hour later, 4 napkins joined the table runner.

These were donated to GVQC, and will be in the silent auction at our upcoming Quilt Fest Show. If you click on the link, it will give you the location and hours, and I hope lots of you come to the show. There will be over 400 quilts on display, lots of vendors, and even an Iron Quilter competition. Plus, you can bid on lots of items in the Silent Auction.


Exhibit at Ogden Farmers Library

May 14, 2013

The end of April, members of the Ogden Fiber Art Group gathered to set up an exhibit of some of our recent work. The library has 2 locked cases in the entrance, and this is a picture of the left case:

Left display case

There is everything from jewelry, quilted wall hangings and jacket, lace knitting, and glass work, to handmade paper.

And here is a picture of the right case:

right display case

A felted jacket, mola purse, pillows, hand dyed scarves, and a woven scarf are some of the items included.

Our group is willing to try new techniques, use materials in traditional and untraditional ways, and enjoy exploring our creativity. If any of my blog readers are close to Spencerport, NY, I hope you take the time to visit this exhibit. It will be up for the entire month of May, and has garnered a lot of interest since installation.