Table Runner and Napkins

Last week I was in the mood to do some easy sewing. I had made an embroidered and quilted table runner the week before, and dealt with precise positioning all those little shapes, so felt I earned a little relaxing type of sewing:

table runner napkins

The 4 napkins certainly qualified as relaxing sewing. All you do is cut two 16″ squares, put right sides together, sew a 1/4″ around leaving a 2-3″ opening so you can turn the napkin right side out. I turned the little opening edges under, ironed all around, then top stitched all around. One hour later, 4 napkins joined the table runner.

These were donated to GVQC, and will be in the silent auction at our upcoming Quilt Fest Show. If you click on the link, it will give you the location and hours, and I hope lots of you come to the show. There will be over 400 quilts on display, lots of vendors, and even an Iron Quilter competition. Plus, you can bid on lots of items in the Silent Auction.



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