Lesson 4 from Online Class

Still way behind, but making progress with my online course, and not giving up. This is my Lesson 4 piece:


Every one of these lessons challenge me. I prefer lots of feedback on a project. What can I say? I’m a talker, joiner, socially oriented, and take a very long time to come to a design decision. Receiving a lesson, then working on it with no discussion, is a different process for me. I’m finding merit in working this way. Never thought I would, but I find I’m creating pieces that are very different from anything I’ve made in the past.

This piece was created using Ellen Lindner’s reverse double applique technique. It’s a raw edge applique technique which I really liked trying out. The lighter green fabric frayed along the edges way too much for my liking, so I created a slanted zig-zag stitch in my sewing machine, and used that edge sewing as the quilting also.

The background fabric was a hand dyed piece I received in a swap almost 10 years ago. I have a whole bag full of the fat quarters I received in that swap, and have been saving it all for who knows what reason? It makes no sense to let any fabric languish in a dark closet – especially hand dyed fabric.



3 Responses to “Lesson 4 from Online Class”

  1. dweinberg415 Says:

    I think it’s beautiful. What online class are you taking? I agree that its much better to have the interaction and feedback of a normal classroom, but in the absence of that…sounds like this could be an interesting experience.

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