Lesson 5 from Online Class

Only 2 weeks left and 3 quilts to go for this online class. Yes, I’m behind. Will I catch up? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m not giving up. This piece had to be different values of black and white, we had to use printed fabric, and let me tell you, I really wanted to add some color to this one. This was a value study, and the original inspirational photo was a palm tree. It was hard not to use a bit of green:


The 2 black palm fronds in the foreground are an experiment. I’m waiting for feedback from Katie as to which one fits the criteria for this piece best – the one edged with white thread, or the plain black one. When I find out, I’ll pass on the info to all of you too.

I’ve been to a quilt show, a quilt club meeting, and 2 art groups so far this month, and was too lazy to post about them. I know, I know, I’m teasing you with all the fun activities, and not sharing any photos. I’m bad, I’m bad, and blaming it on summer. The weather warms up, the sun comes out, and I go into vacation mode. 😉



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