Lesson 6 from Online Class

There is a little over 1 week left to the completion of this course, so I resorted to my paint program for lesson 6:


We were to abstract a landscape for this lesson. I did it by using a photo from one of my trips to Arizona. I tried quite a few effects before I liked the image. I used Posterize to highlight and intensify the scenery. Then I tried various tile effects with different angles. The hexagon shape at 0 was my favorite.

Hexies are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and this design could definitely be made – just not doable in a little over a week, especially when I have another 2 lessons to complete.

I know this isn’t what Katie would like to see, but having to make 8 quilts in 16 weeks with very specific parameters has been daunting. Only one person in this class has managed to keep up. Some have dropped out, and all the rest of us are behind. It’s amazing to me, that I’m right behind the person who has managed to keep up.

Two more to go in a little over a week – do you think I can do it? I hope so.

And speaking of two, look what my husband spotted next to our pole barn:

2 fawns

Are they not adorable? If you click on the image, it will enlarge, and you should be able to see the spots on the fawn on the right.



One Response to “Lesson 6 from Online Class”

  1. dweinberg415 Says:

    Wow! I think this piece is really successful.

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