Felting Group

Last week, even though it was still June, I kept on thinking it was July. On Monday I almost went to a doctor’s appt, and on Thursday, I drove 30 minutes to attend an art group meeting – which wasn’t that day. Instead I got lucky and visited a felting group that meets the fourth Thursday of the month in the same location. All the members also happen to be members of my art group, so we had a good laugh, and I got to see some lovely works in progress.

Anne makes drop dead gorgeous jackets and this is the start of a future jacket:

Annes felted piece

It was fascinating to me to see how felted fabric is created. First you start with a layer of bubble wrap, then some silk fabric, then wool/silk roving was next, then a layer of sheer fabric. The next step was to soap it all up, and roll the wet fiber package over pool noodles. This was the first time I’ve seen this process, and found it fascinating.

Caris also makes drop dead felted garments, and this is the piece she was laying out:

Caris felted piece

Gorgeous, earthy shades that will be made into sleeves for a garment she has started.

Deb was making a handle for a piece:

Debs feled piece

You would not believe how chubby that piece started out. The soapy water really condensed the roll.

Felting is something I might try in the future, but for now, I’m focusing on getting another piece completed for KatiePM’s class. And thank-you ladies for letting me stay and visit so long. It was an enjoyable outing.



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