Fiberistas July Meeting

We had a small gathering Saturday, but it was a good one. Kathi, Steph, Sue, and myself were the only members who could make it, and Steph gave a demo on how to use Shiva Paintsticks on a quilt. Now I don’t know too many people who would take a finished quilt and start applying paintsticks to it willy nilly. Trying this on our small pieces with a “what if” attitude was totally freeing, and was a lot of fun.

Kathi didn’t have time to make a small quilt, so painted on flat fabric. She masked it off with blue painter’s tape – something we all should own.
Here are photos of the masked, and then the unmasked piece:

Kathis masked

Kathis unmasked

Steph was really smart and painted both the front and back of each of her little pieces. She got totally different looks by using different colors. First is her leaf, stone wall, wave piece:

Steph leaves bricks waves

Steph leaves bricks waves 2

And an owl:

Stephs owl

Sue made two pieces too. She got her bird from a coloring book, and free motion quilted the feather stitching around it:

Sues bird

And she liked Kathi’s idea so much, she gave it a try, but look how different it is because she started off with a dark fabric, and chose totally different colors:

Sue's dark piece

My piece was a sampler of all sorts of stitches in my sewing machine, and I was most pleased with the straight line stitching section:

Diane's sampler

We used stencil brushes and smooth oil brushes to apply the Shiva paintsticks, and even Q-tips. Sometimes we used the paintsticks like a pencil, and sometimes we took the wrapping off, and rolled the entire stick across the piece. We used colors on top of colors, irridescents, student grade and professional grade, and realized the difference between the two grades was just the color assortment inside the box. Steph had a blender paintstick too, but I’m not sure if anybody ever used it.

I wasn’t all that thrilled with my piece, but then I never am thrilled with anything I do in a workshop, and have learned to embrace that fact. I’m way too socially oriented, and have a tendency to enjoy the company, instead of focusing on creating something I like.

Don’t misunderstand that though. I learn from every workshop I take. I listen, I take notes, and I’m a good student, but I don’t do my best creating in a workshop, and that’s okay. It takes me time to assimilate what is presented.

All the fear of maybe ruining a finished quilt by trying to paint it, is now gone, because I know what type of quilting is enhanced by the paint stitcks, and what kind doesn’t work all that well. I also know – for me – I’d test the color combinations before I started painting. All that writing on my little sample are the paintstick combos I used for the areas I liked.

So if any of you have some Shiva paintsticks, get them out of their box and play with them. You don’t have to use them just with those rubbing plates we all own. Add some color to a quilt, make some new fabric of your own design, but most of all, just get them out and use them.



2 Responses to “Fiberistas July Meeting”

  1. kdeverett Says:

    Had a great time Saturday! The paintstik’s are really cool. I know there is a place for them in my work. Thanks Steph, and thanks for great post Diane.

  2. gonerustic Says:

    Such a variety of results – inspiring! =)

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