Lesson 7 from Online Class

Still behind in Katie PM’s class, but making steady progress. This is the 7th, and next to last, piece for the class:


The first version of this piece was pretty hideous. I added some movement by adding the orange squiggles, and showed it to my art group today. I still didn’t think it was right. They suggested I turn the piece. What a difference that made. Now I love the piece. Thank-you ladies!!!

There are still more small quilts to come from that class too. I’m going to redo lesson 6, and still have lesson 8 to complete, so stay tuned for the conclusion.

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6 Responses to “Lesson 7 from Online Class”

  1. Laura in NC Says:

    Do you feel Katie PM’s class is worthwhile? I got two of her books at the library and found them a little light on actual information, after seeing her on The Quilt Show where she seemed like a very good teacher.

    • dianemiller Says:

      It is structured very differently from any online class I’ve ever taken. It’s more a critique group than a class. Every 2 weeks, you receive a lesson that is a list of what to include in your piece. It’s up to you to follow the parameters, make a quilt, then send a picture. The next day you get a critique from Katie. There is no chatting.

      The purpose of the lessons is to make quilts emphasizing different design principles. I hated the no chatting aspect of the course, but it did make me focus on developing original designs without asking for a lot of guidance along the way. Some of the lessons are taken directly from her books. The thing is, I tend to buy books, and then never work through the chapters. Taking the online course makes you do the actual work, instead of reading about the principles.

      • Laura in NC Says:

        Not sure if I’d like that type of class, it seems like you could just get the book at the library and work through it yourself!

      • dianemiller Says:

        I actually got a lot out of the class, and I was recently told that in the next class there will be more chatting, so there will be more give and take. There is still one more piece for me to make and it’s coming along nicely. After a trip to Office Max to enlarge the pattern, I’m ready to start selecting fabrics tomorrow. While I’ve never taken a class formatted like this, I did learn a lot, and am very glad I did all the lessons.

  2. Wil Opio Oguta Says:

    I like the result you got with this one. And by the way I emailed with Katie and chatting was allowed. In future classes she will mention this.

    • dianemiller Says:

      Thank-you. And it’s a pleasant change as in the very first lesson we received, Katie stated she would prefer no questions. That did help me focus though. And everytime I emailed Katie, she did get back to me. None of the class members in our group chatted with each other though. I got some private emails, but none through the yahoo group site.

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