RAFA July 2013 Meeting

Yesterday was our monthly meeting and it was another good one.

Glynnis works full time, so doesn’t get to attend a lot of our meetings. We were thrilled we got to see her, and this piece:

Glynnis sunflower

The stylized sunflower design was very appealing, and the quilting was terrific.

Kathi was on vacation – lucky for us – so she was able to attend also. She brought lots of soy wax resisted pieces which you can see on her blog, and some works in progress. This is a piece started in a Nancy Crow workshop:

Kathi Everett nancy crow piece

And her Big Leaf project from a Pat Pauly workshop:

Kathi big leaf

Sharon finished a graduation quilt:

Sharon larson grad quiltSharon larson front grad quilt

The first picture is the back, so there was lots of piecing involved in this project. I love the bright colors.

Terryn showed some felted pieces:

Terryn felted grafitti

Bet you didn’t expect to see a felted grafitti piece, but this is so Terryn. She had signed up for a landscape workshop, and did make a small landscape,

Terryn felted landscape

but that grafitti piece was so distinctive.

And check out that T-shirt she is wearing. I’d never seen anything like that. The comfy cotton t-shirt styling, with the delicate lace, and the blue undershirt – a textural playground, and always something interesting for your eye to see. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

After the meeting I went out to lunch with 6 of my friends, and it was a pleasure sharing a meal, good conversation, and a short stroll through the village with them. The sun was shining, and the humidity had finally gotten down to a comfortable level. It was a good day.

My wishes for all of you is to have good days in your life too.



One Response to “RAFA July 2013 Meeting”

  1. dweinberg415 Says:

    Beautiful work! I love the octagon shaped piece.

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