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Bye-Bye Avocado Green

August 22, 2013

After 38 years of living with an avocado sink and toilet in our powder room, we decided to do a bit of remodeling. Mostly because the sink was starting to rust, and it was pretty disgusting looking. Here is a picture of the before:

Before bathroom

And here is a picture of all the equipment it took to transform the room:


Yes, that is the powder room door against the hallway wall. It’s a tight fit in that powder room, and this enabled Frank – a terrific plumber – who did a great job, and was oh so neat – to work in the room.

And here is a picture of what our powder room looks like now:

Bathroom after

Yes, that’s a quartz top, and polished chrome faucets, and a white toilet. The sink is an inset white china sink, so rust will be a thing of the past. Bye-bye avocado green, and hello to classic white. It’s going to take me a little while to get used to classic white, but I think I can manage just fine.

You like? I sure do.

Now to paint the medicine cabinet. It has a gold rim on it, and I’m going to attempt to paint it silver. If it works, I won’t have to buy a new medicine cabinet. I’m all for saving money where I can. That leaves more for art supplies.



Sun Printing and Square Stitch Bracelet

August 19, 2013

Last week was the Ogden Art Group meeting and we did some sun printing. I forgot to bring my camera, but do have a picture of the piece I made:

Sun printing

I didn’t get a great sun print because the grid I placed on top, popped up from the fabric. You really need to have the image make contact with the fabric, and the fabric should be good and wet. The good and wet was done, but that darn grid would not stay down.

I was still pleased with the print because I had scattered Kosher salt across the top, and got some very nice color movement. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it really is lovely color movement.

In my effort to see the surface of my dining room table again, I completed a beading project I started a few months ago:

Square Stitch bracelet I made

It’s the first bracelet I’ve ever made, so cut me a little slack about the tension. I had to go and use 2 different beads that weren’t the same size for the base, so that didn’t help. I used spacers on the sides with some little seed beads to add some interest, and I’m pleased as punch with the colors. I had no clue how to attach the tube clasp, so winged it for that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a friend’s house for a painting workshop. Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures for you then.


Pam’s BAS RR Blocks

August 9, 2013

Finally, I got inspired to crazy quilt again, and I finished the last set of blocks in this round robin. I do hope Pam will like them.

This is the Anything Goes Block where I added the Bullion bumblebee, and a button Trail with bullion flower, pearls, shell buttons, and various sizes and shapes clear and crystal beads

Anything Goes block

The buttonhole block has up and down buttonhole stitched with 2 strands of Splendor 100% silk # S1044 – my new favorite embroidery thread, and a buttonhole cat outline sewn with 2 strands DMC cotton:

Buttonhole block

The chevron block has an S shape design in chevron stitch DMC size 8 #741 with the edge beaded in 1101-72 Glass 2 cut silver lined beads. French knots 2 strands Splendor 100% silk 2 wraps S952 along the bottom right sleeve embroidery:

Chevron Block

The Cretan block has alternating height Cretan stitch black DMC Size 8. Then I added a Paisley braided chain stitch DMC Size 8 #320, Stem Stitch DMC Size 8 #3326, copper beads around the paisley, and a copper butterfly:

Cretan block

The Detached Chain Stitch Block has an Indian mirror bead, straight stitch, French Knots – 3 wraps, detached chain stitch with DMC size 8 # 310:

Detached  Chain Block

The feather stitch block has a feather stitch with trellis in each fork – half hitches on each leg. DMC Size 5 #4210 variegated:

Feather Block

The Herringbone block has mirrored herringbone stitch in Splendor 2 strands 100% silk, glass Beads Darice Size 6 1106-07 Gold and straight Stitch DMC size 8 #320:

Herringbone block

The Outline block has an outline curve with Delica Size 11 DB0906 Spkl Purple Lined Crystal, and some butterflies were added made with Metallic Wooly Nylon M309, DMC Floss 3 strand bullion body, 3 strand French Knots for the head, and 2 strand for the antenna, back stitch antenna:

Outline block

Last but not least, the Straight stitch block has an applique heart with a beaded and sequined fan shape in the right corner, and chain stitch curves on the left side with detached chain stitch, and French knots. The ribbon is back stitch, and so is the bottom design, with some more French knots. Couched a metallic cord around the applique. Kathy S had some heart designs on her blog, and she kindly shared with all of us. I made the fan out of beads instead of embroidery.

Straight block


Gelli Plate Playtime

August 8, 2013

Last Saturday was the Fiberistas monthly meeting and it was my turn to lead a workshop. I’ve been reading about Gelli Plates and there was a recipe on The Frugal Crafter blog about how to make your own – for about half the cost of a ready made one. It was easy and worked like a charm.

Julie B concentrated on paper prints:

Julie B pieces

She made oodles of prints and will most likely print some out on fabric for another award winning quilt. She is co-owner of Red Dog Enterprises and her digitally printed images are fabulous.

Julie G-S printed many images and made use of some leaves that Steph brought:

Julie leaves

Kathi decided to do some monoprinting. She created a nice selection of spatter prints, and circle designs:

Kathi spatter pieces

Kathi circles

Steph made good use of the leaves she brought. She first laid the leaf on the plate, and made a print. Then she removed the leaf, and made another print. Then she used the paint loaded leaf to make a couple more prints. She used every bit of paint on that gelli plate:

Steph leaf pieces

She also used a paper picture mat as a mask, and created this piece:

Steph mat piece

Sue made some positive/negative prints:

Sue pieces

And last but not least, here is a picture of a couple of prints I created:

Diane pieces

We had a great time, and the ideas were flowing. It is so great to explore techniques with a group of creative artists. So many “what-ifs” were discussed. What if we used thickened dyes? What if we used different mediums to keep the paint moist? What if we splattered the paint on instead of using the brayer? What if we used brushes to create brush strokes to print? What if we used Q-tips to draw on the plate? As you can see, what one of us didn’t thinkg about, another did.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the results of our meeting, and my wish for you is that you may find a group of artists to share, and grow with in your creative journey.