Gelli Plate Playtime

Last Saturday was the Fiberistas monthly meeting and it was my turn to lead a workshop. I’ve been reading about Gelli Plates and there was a recipe on The Frugal Crafter blog about how to make your own – for about half the cost of a ready made one. It was easy and worked like a charm.

Julie B concentrated on paper prints:

Julie B pieces

She made oodles of prints and will most likely print some out on fabric for another award winning quilt. She is co-owner of Red Dog Enterprises and her digitally printed images are fabulous.

Julie G-S printed many images and made use of some leaves that Steph brought:

Julie leaves

Kathi decided to do some monoprinting. She created a nice selection of spatter prints, and circle designs:

Kathi spatter pieces

Kathi circles

Steph made good use of the leaves she brought. She first laid the leaf on the plate, and made a print. Then she removed the leaf, and made another print. Then she used the paint loaded leaf to make a couple more prints. She used every bit of paint on that gelli plate:

Steph leaf pieces

She also used a paper picture mat as a mask, and created this piece:

Steph mat piece

Sue made some positive/negative prints:

Sue pieces

And last but not least, here is a picture of a couple of prints I created:

Diane pieces

We had a great time, and the ideas were flowing. It is so great to explore techniques with a group of creative artists. So many “what-ifs” were discussed. What if we used thickened dyes? What if we used different mediums to keep the paint moist? What if we splattered the paint on instead of using the brayer? What if we used brushes to create brush strokes to print? What if we used Q-tips to draw on the plate? As you can see, what one of us didn’t thinkg about, another did.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the results of our meeting, and my wish for you is that you may find a group of artists to share, and grow with in your creative journey.



One Response to “Gelli Plate Playtime”

  1. kdeverett Says:

    great shots of all the creativity going on that day!

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