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Fiberista’s September Meeting

September 14, 2013

Last Saturday my Fiberista’s art group met, and we worked on a new technique – faux knitting. Julie sent us all a link to Singer Purse Project

You can get the directions from clicking on the link, and none of us made the project. Instead, we experimented with the technique. Julie used a netting that was metallic. Both side of her piece looked totally different. One was glittery, the other matte. Here is a picture of the matte side:

Julie yarn done fringe

Her sewing machine quit working, so she wasn’t able to completely tack all the yarn in place, but it turned out to be a positive. We realized the looped loose ends acted like fringe.

Kathy used a yarn that was thick and thin, and left a lot of open spaces:

Kathi working

And this is what it looked like after the stabilizer was washed out:

Kathi yarn done

Sue wove a purple piece:

Sue layout

Both Sue and Kathi used Dissolve-Away Mesh by Baby Lock. You can see Sue sewing away with it:

Sue sewing

All of us liked this stabilizer the best because it had no drag against the sewing machine. I had some Solvy and so did Francis, and that did not go through the sewing machine as easily as the mesh. A Teflon sewing foot would have helped, but the mesh really was a wonderful product for this technique.

Francis made an earth tone piece. Here it is laid out:

Francis laid out

And here it is being washed out:

Francis rinse out

And the finished piece:

Franics yarn done

Beth and Steph had to leave early, so they didn’t make a piece, and I brought all the supplies, but ended up talking and taking pictures instead of making a piece.