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Sewing, Paperwork and Gardening

October 1, 2013

Believe it or not, I sew practically every day. I love using my sewing machine, and I love hand embroidery, plus it puts me in a good mood. It’s a totally positive experience, even when I spend more time ripping out what I’ve just sewn.

September was a good sewing month for me. I made a quilt top as a ” pattern tester”. A friend designs quilt patterns and occasionally, I test a pattern. This one was easy, quick, and quite stunning. I can’t wait till the pattern is released so I can share a picture of the version I made.

Then I spent some time mending clothes for my father.

Another project was a binder cover:

Pfaff Book Cover

The instructions had a few errors, and I eliminated some of the embroidery, but am quite pleased with the finished product.

This week I’ve been bogged down with the myriad details required to participate in a gallery exhibit. Why is it, it takes more time to make the hanging sleeve, get the hanging rod cut to the proper size and drill holes at the proper spacing, make the label, fill out the paperwork, and then pack everything properly, than it can take to create the art quilt itself?

That’s most likely an exaggeration, but it sure seems to take more time. Maybe because it’s lots more fun to make an art quilt, than it is to prepare said quilt for a trip to a gallery.

And I need to update my artist’s bio – which requires a new photo, and adding the last 3 years of exhibits, awards, and curating info. I know, I know, I’m bad, but I really do hate keeping up with the paperwork aspect of being a fiber artist.

Did I mention I really hate having my picture taken too? My patient husband took 65 photos today, and they’ve all been deleted from my computer already. Most of them had to be deleted because he cut off almost all of my body. It’s a little scary to see a head floating in front of a quilt with no body attached. Plus my head was so big, you could barely see any of the quilt background. Trust me, the photo composition was wrong, all wrong.

Tomorrow we’ll try again. This time, I’ll stand in the photographer’s spot, put him in front of a quilt, and adjust the lens for distance. Then we’ll trade spots, and at least the proportions will be correct, I hope, I hope, I hope.