Studio Remodel – I

A mad flurry of sewing and finishing of projects was done last week to finish my Whisper Quilts. We had The Big Reveal a week ago Saturday, and you can see the pictures on the Fiberistas blog. Four quilts were made in 2 weeks, along with dealing with a rotator cuff injury and PT.

Then the real work started. My studio is under rennovation. It’s about time. There was a 38 year old carpet underfoot, and it needed to be put to rest. My husband thought it was perfectly fine, but he still thinks I’m skinny. Now I love him for the later thought, but not for the former.

We both totally emptied the room – which took a few days. Then my husband removed the carpet, pad, and molding:

Carpet molding removed

A new subfloor was installed:
New Sub floor

And the wonderful installers arrived Monday to lay my new marmoleum flooring:
New flooring

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a totally green product, great surface for long hours of standing, but cost a bundle. I debated long and hard about that floor. Heck, a hardwood floor would have cost less than half what this cost, been great for resale value, but no way could I stand on it for a hours on end. I went for comfort, and am not one bit sorry.

Nothing can be moved in for 72 hours, and now I’m debating about whether to paint the walls. Yes, I know I should have painted the walls before the new floor was installed, but the walls looked good – until the new flooring was installed. Such is life.

In the meantime, this is where everything from my studio is being stored:
Corinne bedroom 1

And another view after everything was moved in – taken from the hallway as there is no room to even step into the room anymore:
Corinne bedroom 2

My sewing machines were stupidly put into that space first, so no machine work will be getting done for a while. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. If I say that enough times, I’ll start believing it. 😉



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