Ogden Art Group Meeting Fabric Paper

There has been a little progress in my sewing studio, but I still can’t access much of anything sewing related, so lots of other type of fiber art is happening.

Today was my turn to come up with a workshop for the Ogden Art Group, and I’ve been wanting to make fabric paper for awhile. You start with a layer of fabric that you wet down thoroughly with a mixture of 1 part PVA glue – I used Elmer’s washable white glue – and 5 parts water.

Then you collage just about anything your little heart desires on top of it. And that is exactly what we did. Tissue paper, computer paper print-outs, book text, threads, yarn, metallics, paper napkins, etc… all were fair game. With each layer of paper or fiber, you paint more of the glue/water mixture over it to keep everything in place.

You can completely cover your base fabric, or if you like, you can let sections show.

Beth concentrated on text:

Beth text

Julie took one of Beth’s discards and made this:

Julie fabric paper

Sue made 3 pieces:

Sue background

Sue black and white

Sue eiffle tower

And I came up with this:

Diane cats

Karen and Lucy were working on their own projects, and both brought wonderful Show and Tell. Karen has been marbling fabric, and I took a picture of a picture of the purse Lucy made out of strap webbing:

Lucy purse

Beth also had a partial quilt top for Show and Tell, but I missed taking photos of her quilt, and Karen’s marbled fabric.



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