A New Year with Fiberistas

Saturday was our first Fiberistas meeting of the new year, and it was a great meeting.

Frances led the group this month, and we explored using the decorative stitches on our sewing machine over collaged fabric. You start with creating lots of fabric samples with stitch variations, then move onto the collaged fabric. So many of us have sewing machines with lots of built in stitches, and hardly any of us use many of them. That will no longer be true.

All sorts of threads were used, and some bobbin work was done (heavy weight thread or yarn wound in the bobbin, and sewing from the wrong side of the fabric), and a circle maker was also making the rounds. It was interesting to see everyone’s approach, and I think you’ll all enjoy seeing the variety.

Beth tried some Madeira threads, and started with straight line sewing, then branched out to spiral and free motion stitching:

Beth black pieces

Frances used very subtle thread colors on her piece:

Frances subtle

Janet used one decorative stitch to start and then lowered her feed dogs and went to town with free motion work:

Janet EKG

This looked a little like an EKG pattern to me, and then she really branched out and did some gorgeous swirls and blossoms. Unfortunately, my finger accidentally deleted that picture.

Kathi fell in love with a very basic stitch but repeated it many times to create fabric:

Kathi buttonhole stitch

Lots of possibilites with this one!

Julie explored the circle maker, and laid ribbon on top of her fabric:

Julies circles

Mary had lots of thread from Canada. She passed the box around for us all to see, and was very lucky she went home with those threads. This is what she was working on:

Mary black with circle

Stephanie had to leave early, but created some great lines on this piece:

Stephanie blue

And Sue got the most done:

Sue blue piece

I especially like that pop or orange stitching against the blue.

I did not want to drag my sewing machine to the meeting, so worked on hand embroidery, but will most definitely be using this technique soon.



2 Responses to “A New Year with Fiberistas”

  1. Warner Judith Says:

    Reminds me that there are many stitches to explore on my own machine. Looks like it was a fun time! I love the patterns created.

  2. nsturgill Says:

    What fun!

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