My Happy Place

You’d think after living in this house for 38 years, I would have had a wonderful sewing studio. No, my sewing space has always been something that has been fit in a corner. My knitting machines always had prominence. Now I have 2 sewing machines vs 1 knitting machine, so the sewing machines have finally gotten their turn to shine.

I consider myself one lucky fiber artist to have an entire room dedicated to sewing, and am very grateful. These pictures were taken while I was sitting in my chair ready to sew. The first photo is what I see when I look slightly to the left:

front window

You can just see the corner of my cutting table, and I have a lovely view of the evergreens we planted 38 years ago. Our 13 acres was a corn field when we purchased it, and my husband and I have transformed it into a mini forest. Lots of oxygen is being made here. 😉

Straight ahead is my little TV and a plastic storage unit filled with fabric fat quarters:


For a person who wanted quiet when she studied in school, it has surprised me that I’ve changed so much, and like background noise when I sew. It can’t be music. If music is on, I’m up on my feet dancing.

My last photo is what I see when I look to the right:

side view

As you can see, it’s winter here in Upstate New York, but trust me, come spring, all those limbs are covered with green leaves and lots of lovely lilac blossoms. There are 50 bushes bordering our lawn, yes, 50 of them. I wish you could all be here in May. The entire yard is infused with lilac scent. Even my UPS driver has commented on them.

Every morning I go into my new sewing studio with a sense of anticipation and delight. What will I make today? No more sleeping in late. I’m up with first light, looking forward to stepping into this room.

Content – I’m totally and completely content.



One Response to “My Happy Place”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Paradise! This is my goal this year in this old house. 🙂 I could only be happier if it were in the country. Thank you for sharing your life with me. ❤

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