A New Year with Fiberistas Addendum

I finally caught up with the group project, and learned quite a lot about the first technique we tackled this year. Painting with Fabric Stitches was published in Quilting Arts Fall 2005, and written by Carole Redlich.

This is the collage I created for my fabric base:

My collage

And this is how it looks after being stitched:

My collage stitched

There was a book marker in my magazine, so it was definitely something I wanted to try, and am very glad Frances selected it for our January project. Do I like it? Not really. I did too good a job of matching thread to the fabric – the instructions did say to match the thread to the fabric.

The largest red piece has the exact same stitch design as the only purple piece of fabric in the collage. The thread matched perfectly for both pieces of fabric, but I selected the triple stitch option for the purple fabric, and the stitching does show up more, but not enough for my tastes. It takes a lot of time to do all this stitching, and you really can’t see a lot of it.

The variegated thread stitching was my favorite. It showed up the most. I used all rayon threads.

You also end up with a ton of thread starts and stops, and a pretty stiff piece of fabric. If I was ever to do this again, and I’ve learned that just because I’m not crazy about a technique today, doesn’t mean I won’t like it at a later time, I’d use solid color fabric or hand dyed fabric with thread that did not match the fabric so all the stitching is showcased.



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