A New Year for the Ogden Art Group Meeting

Everything seems so fresh and filled with so many possibilities in January. Our Upstate New York weather cooperated for the first meeting of the year, and we enjoyed seeing each other again. Show and Tell was good too.

Jan is back home and has taken some glass classes and metal classes:

Jan glass metal foam pieces

You can double click on the photo so it will enlarge for you, but the glass class was taken at Corning Museum – I think. The detail on the butterfly pieces is exquisite.

The metal clay pieces were stamped and then put in a kiln. I loved the patterning she got on those pieces and would love to try this sometime.

The leaves were made with foam and painted. This was quite a nice collection of small, creative pieces. It will be interesting to see what Jan does with them.

Janet showed us a jacket she recently finished:

Janet jacket

Janet takes orders for these jackets, and does a very nice job fitting them. They are not your normal boxy quilt jackets.

Karen wore a beautiful crocheted scarf she made, and Lucy made the machine embroidered, bead encrusted floral pin for it:

Karen scarf<

Sue showed a tiny notebook cover she made:

Sues notebook

And I showed the piece that I posted about yesterday.

Then on to our workshop. We all brought in design books we’d purchased, and looked at the ones we didn’t already own. Then we did a series design exercises we had prepared ahead of time for the group. A couple of us will be purchasing some new books, and all of us enjoyed stretching our design skills with the exercises. We enjoyed doing them so much, I suggested we start each meeting with a short design exercise from now on, and everyone agreed.

We will be honing our design skills, expanding our creativity, and after Karen’s exercise should never ever experience a creative block.



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