GVQC April Meeting

It’s been a busy two weeks, and one lacking photos, but full of inspiration. I was bringing my beads to the last two meetings I attended, and there is only so much I can carry, so my camera stayed behind. There will be a tesselated piece coming soon, so that is something to look forward to viewing. Now that I posted this on my blog, I HAVE to make it. šŸ˜‰

Happily, I attended my local quilt guild meeting beadless. Dianne Hire was the guest lecturer, and she brought a lot of her quilts for us to see. They are absolutely stunning, and we were allowed to take photos, but not post any of them on our blog. While I can’t share those photos, I can of a couple of quilts from Show and Tell.

Chris Wickert’s most recent prize winning quilt was displayed:

Chris Wickert persian version applique

She woke up one morning, looked at the Persian carpet under her feet, and thought to herself, this would make a wonderful quilt. She loves working in silk, and her version of a Persian carpet became a reality. Please double click on that photo, and I hope you will be as impressed as all of us were.

Bev is working on a challenge, and this was her piece:

Bev Kondolf

Again please double click on this image. She created a lot of that fabric herself. Can you find the shibori?



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