Last week a few friends gathered at my home for a playdate. We each made the same pattern, but with our own interpretation.

I post pictures in alphabetical order, but unfortunately, my camera lost the picture I took of Beth’s tablerunner, and she did something really neat. The pattern is made by sewing strips of fabric together to form a strata. Beth eliminated one of the strips to have a larger center and it turned out terrific.

Next is me:


I followed the pattern exactly and chose bright colors. It will be assembled differently though. Yesterday, I purchased some wool/rayon felt, and instead of pillowcasing the table runner, I’ll be fusing it to the felt, quilting it, then cut the felt about 1/4″ away from the edge. When it is completed, I’ll post another picture.

Marcia got to the assembling the strata stage:


Her colors are very elegant.

Sue got hers totally pieced also:


She finished quilting hers and you can see a picture of all 4 together on another friend’s blog – another Beth Our group picture is a little way into that post.



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