Hopping Around the World

I was honored to be asked by my friend Judy Warren to participate in the Hopping Around the World blog hop. The purpose of the blog hop is to answer some questions about our art process, and to introduce us to some new blogs. It’s a great way to meet kindred souls, and learn more about art making.

What am I working on?

Actually, quite a few projects. On the quilting front, I’d like my Disappearing Nine Patch to speak up and tell me how it wants to be quilted. I look at it every morning, it remains stubbornly silent, and I then walk out of my sewing studio. That’s fine because if I force this step, invariably I’m not happy with the final piece, and life is too short to be unhappy with what you make.

My mother and baby beaded project is coming along nicely. It will hopefully be completed in time to be entered in the Lapidary Show at the end of the month.

A painted textile project is on my kitchen table waiting for me to mix my colors. It will be titled Child’s Play and is a whimsical look back at the 50’s.

And last but not least, is a knitted counterpane I started years ago, and am finally getting round tuit. There are hundreds of little triangles knit on size 0 knitting needles to put together, and it will be finished.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I combine multiple textile disciplines wtih abandon, and have been doing so, way before I believe it was commonplace. It’s a bit like cross pollination – take something from one field of interest, and apply it to another unexpected one. It’s an awful lot of fun for me to do this, and I highly recommend trying it.

I’ve been quilting since the 70’s, and been hand knitting, and machine knitting for ages. In the 80’s, I came up with the idea of knitting a lap blanket, covering a quilt batt with flannel, layering the two, and then quilting it. Was it a knit blanket? Was it a quilt? Whatever it was, it was warm, cosy, and a big hit at the local baby store that sold them for me. I lost track of how many I made.

When I purchased my first embroidery machine, I started embroidering on machine knits, and wrote a series of articles for a machine knitting publication sharing the technique. My oh my, did that cause a stir.

I’ve used copper wire to use as sewing thread – way hard on your fingers by the way, but I do so love the glint of copper. That piece sold at an exhibit at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY.

Paint, paper, beads, tatting, embroidery, macrame – remember that? – kumihimo, soutache, leather, wood, found objects, you name it, I’ll use it on my fiber art.

Why do I create what I do?

Because I want to.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sewing. Some of you might remember those little cards with numbered holes, where you were to outline “sew” the images with shoelaces. Well, I wore out more than a few sets of those cards.

Cross stitch and hand knitting were next. Then my grandmother taught me how to machine sew with her treadle sewing machine – which is proudly residing in my home.

Everything to do with textiles appeals to me, and has ever since I can remember. Working with textiles satisfies my soul.

How does my writing/creative process work?

I don’t know. It’s always been present, and it’s always been an easy, natural part of my life. I did get a BS degree in Business and Economics, and worked as an accountant for a few years because it was the only way my parents would pay for half my college education. Guess who spent a lot of time in the Art Center though? Oh my, those looms were calling my name. The only good part about that degree is that I got a job right out of college during a difficult period of finding employment, and I can do my own business taxes now.

For 25 years, I wrote technical articles for machine knitting publications, and created over 80 orignal designs. I would dream about a design, remember it when I woke up, and start making it the next morning. If there was something about the design that wasn’t working, a solution would invariably come to me while I slept. Go figure.

For art quilts, I like pencil sketching. Now these are rough sketches, but they are enough for me to get proportions correct, and an idea of where I want to go.

It would be very nice if I could quantify my creative process, but I can’t.

Linking to Talented Artists

Kathi Everett is a member of 2 local art groups I belong to. Her blog Pearl Street Road always has something of interest on it. Creativity bubbles out of this woman. She has had an art quilt shown in Houston, and I’m sure there will be more in the future.

Ellen Lindner at Adventure Quilter is not only a wonderful artist, but also a wonderful teacher. It’s really difficult to be both, but she’s talented that way.

On closing, I hope many of you will visit their blogs, and go back to visit some of the previous blogs on this blog hop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to find some new artists, and support textile arts.



2 Responses to “Hopping Around the World”

  1. Warner Judith Says:

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop! I envy your list of current projects. They all sound like fun!

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