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Log Cabin Swap

November 1, 2015

Two of my friends and I decided to swap some log cabin blocks this week with some parameters.

First we used the same fabrics.  They brought some fabrics they liked, and then we shopped my fabric collection for colors that might work with what they brought.   We ended up with a total of 36 different fabrics to use, and I used 35 of them.  The one I didn’t use was white on white.  Everything else had color, lots of vibrant color, so I chose to keep that white on white print out of the mix.

Second – we were to vary the size and number of the logs.

Third – we made four blocks trimmed to 12.5″   Here are my 4 blocks:

First 4 blocks I made

Fourth – we cut them into quarters.

Fifth – we swapped with each other.  We kept 2 quarter sections of each block we made, and gave one to each other.  This way we each had a piece of every block sewn.

Sixth – we could sew them together anyway we wanted.

Originally I was going to put sashing between each quarter block, but I started assembling them at 9 pm, and decided to sew them block to block.  Now I might have added the sashing if I had started sewing at 9 am, but that didn’t happen.

This is how the swapped quarter log cabin blocks look after being reassembled:

4 together

I’m not a fan of them all together like that.  There is no place for my eye to rest, and I’m old, and tired, and need some resting space.  😉  So this is what I did with the blocks:

log cabin with triangles

I added sashing around the blocks, then added big white triangles to square off the quilt.

This top is far from being completed.  Those big white triangles need something, but I’m not sure what at the moment and have to make the last Whisper Quilt by Saturday, so this is being shelved for now, and has officially reached WIP (work in progress) status.

Now back to why I added the white triangles.   I wanted his piece to have a purpose.  Adding them, made the top large enough to become a Comfort quilt.  And before anybody says creating art for art’s sake is a purpose, I don’t want to do that at the moment, and honestly, not every quilt I make is, or should be considered an art quilt.

It’s taking me a long to time to grieve for my father.  I took his passing really hard, and making Comfort quilts makes me happy right now.  We all need a little happy in our lives.