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The Prayer Flags are a Flying

January 12, 2016

This is my late wrap up for 2015, but I’m not going to say how my year was. I will say that I continued to destash, and got 135 more pounds of stuff out of my home for a total of 3,316 pounds since I started this process. Obviously, I’m slow as molasses with simplifying my life, and I realized, I’ve also been making purchases, so who knows if I’ve actually made real progress or not?


I could be completely rigid and weigh everything that comes in and everything that goes out, but who cares? I can’t believe I just typed that, but even I don’t care anymore, so how could you all possibly still care?


My goal for 2016 is to be happy. Easier said than done. I’ve kind of lost my way in this world. After my father passed away, I lost the caretaking role I played, and it seems, I’m not all that happy with not being needed.


Whew, that was a lot for me to admit, but it’s exactly how I feel. I’ve raised a family, had pets, and now no one really needs me. I’m free as can be, to do what I want to do, yet I’m floundering.


Don’t feel sorry for me. I have a good life. Heck, right now I’m in Tucson, the prayer flags that I made are flying in front of my home away from home:

Hanging prayer flags


and the sun is shining. I’m busy making Comfort Quilts for my quilt guild back home, the Casa de Los Ninos here, and enjoying renewing friendships with my Arizona buds.


I need to do more though. Haven’t decided what it will be, but when I do, I’ll share with all of you.


Till then, I wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful 2016.