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Dyeing Again

October 20, 2018

It’s been a long two years since I’ve dyed anything.  I was happily dyeing fabric, and then broke my left wrist.  It took a full year to recover from that break – which was actually more of a shattering.   Right after that, I broke my right femur, then 6 months later I broke my left ankle.  I had real good reasons for not dyeing, didn’t I?

Everything is A-Okay now, so out came the dyes and all my supplies.  I started out  with an ice dyed t-shirt and napkin scrap:


My t-shirts sometimes become one large bib at times, so I save them by overdyeing them.  The food stains disappear, and I get to wear the rejuvenated t-shirt again in public.  Happy Days!!!

The little fabric scrap is from a cotton/linen blend napkin.  I purchased oodles of these napkins years ago, and decided it was time to start using them as I intended – to dye them, and use them to create comfortable summer tops.  Yes, I’ll have to take out the seams as those were sewn with polyester thread, and it will be a lot of seaming to create yardage, but I wanted that look.  I want the seams to be part of the top designs.  Hopefully it will create lovely lines, and my tops will be interesting and unusual.

I threw the fabric scrap in the bottom of the container, then put in a colander, the soda soaked t-shirt, ice cubes, and sprinkled lots of Cherry dye I received from a friend.  Have no clue what it really is as the little container just said Cherry on it.  Added very little Procion 629 to tone down the Cherry, and then added even less Procion Grape 801.

The Grape was added at the last minute as an entire shelf of dyes was exposed to a lot of heat from a dehumidifier – by accident, and I was worried they were ruined.  Happily, the Grape still worked, and the purchase date was May of 2004.  Imagine that.  All those years, all that heat exposure, and it still worked.  More Happy Days!!!

The dye container sat in my laundry room for a good 7 hours, and the ice wasn’t totally melted.  No surprise there.  I have the heat set at 67, and had 2 layers of big ice cubes on that shirt. Worried the dyes wouldn’t take, I put the whole shebang in my dedicated dye microwave, and zapped it for 55 seconds, checked the container, and it was still cold, so kept on zapping and checking till the container warmed up.  Then every 15 minutes, I’d zap it for another 55 seconds.  I did this for an hour.

Next step was to rinse it in cold water, then let the t-shirt soak overnight in cold water.  Rinsed a very little in hot water this morning, then threw it in the washing machine on super hot.  I love my LG washing machine.  It heats up the water for a Sanitizing cycle, and saves me from having to raise the temperature on my hot water tank.   I used my usual detergent – All Clear, and Voila!!! all the excess dye came out with minimal water usage.

I am soooooooo happy to be dyeing fabric again, and decided purchasing a Wonder Washer would make dyeing those napkins much easier than doing a lot of stirring, so am ordering one of those later today.  The goal is to dye those napkins in gradations with the lightest pieces close to my face, and gradated darker towards the bottom of the tops.  Stay tuned to see how that works out.




Santa is Pieced

October 8, 2018

I’ve been busy working on projects, and can happily share the completed quilt top that has been a work in progress for a couple of years – yes a couple of years:

Santa Done

All that embroidery is by hand – the large Santas and the small cornerstone designs, then it was arranged differently from the original pattern.  I saw this setting at a quilt show and loved it, so made it happen for my quilt too.   Now for the quilting by check book.  😉

I also finished up a huck towel.  I’m a member of a few art groups, and this one tries new ideas every month.  All I can say is, huck embroidery is not my thing.  This is a one and done:


Now, what next?  I have so many new patterns I want to make, and so many unfinished projects that could be tackled.  Wonder which will win?