Dimity’s Fiber Adventures is a blog that will chronicle my explorations in working with fiber – all kinds of fiber – be it natural or man made – in continuous filaments or matted into sheets such as paper or felt. 

The name Dimity has been my business name for almost 30 years focusing on machine knitting – writing for machine knitting publications, teaching across the USA and Canada, hand knitting, and hand dyeing quality yarns. 

Quilting has also been a long time love, and I’ve taught at some local quilt stores, been President of our local quilt guild www.gvqc.org/ the GVCQ, Inc, and a member of the Board of Directors.  My traditional quilts have been exhibited in the Sibley Ward Art Gallery and a juried show at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. 

Then the art quilt genre appeared on the scene introducing a different approach to quilt design, use of materials and construction.  A membership in Rochester Area Fiber Artists was next, followed up with an invitation to participate in the Memorial Art Gallery’s show mag.rochester.edu/ MAGnificient Inspiration: The Art Quilt. 

From the time I was a little girl using shoe laces to “sew” those toy cardboard patterns sold in the 1950’s, I’ve loved the feel of fiber passing through my fingers. The siren call of a yarn store, catalog, web site, fabric store, etc… never fails to draw me in with charge card in hand.

Some explorations will be traditional, some will be quirky, and some will be whimsical.   The goal is to enjoy each and every twist and turn along the way, because if it’s not fun, and I’m not learning or stretching my imagination, I’m not going to do it. 

I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures using fibers from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms in my art.  Let the fun begin!!!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. TimmieSue Says:

    I think your sweater is beautiful, as well as the wearer. My grandpa (who was a very wise man) once told me that” Fat (ample bodied) people were put on this good earth to show the skinny people how far your skin could stretch without breaking”. I think that is a good way of seeing things.

  2. steel breeze Says:

    Hello! Missing your penny and surprise sock patterns – been recommending them to ppl on Ravelry, didn’t realise the website was down. Any chance of a temporary post on the blog in the interim? Hope you get things sorted soon, these things can be such hassles! 🙂

  3. shawkl Says:

    Saw your post on CQI Yahoo Group. Came over to check out your blog…have just started reading and like what I see. Thought we might become cyber friends…check out my blog too.

  4. Alex Fincher Says:

    Hi, I was just looking through google images and some of your designs. I really like some of the acid wash style dyes! Would you mind if I used the “ugly fabric challenge” picture for the background of a band logo?

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