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Improv Quilt Completed and Bracelet

May 27, 2016

My Improv piece is completed:

Improv finished

I removed the quilting from the upper left side and replaced that entire section with another piece of fabric and curved quilting. Now the piece seems to flow across the top and keeps your eye moving over the surface.

A friend (Thank-you, Jody.) suggested I add some light to the center of those floral shaped objects, and I went with it. I was going to bead it, but this piece is a mix of traditional and modern, and beads didn’t seem quite right for it. Instead, I mixed up a light yellow paint and applied it with a foam pen.

And here is a picture of a completed bracelet:


That poor bracelet has quite a story. It was finished in Arizona, and the first time I wore it, it fell off. I thought it might be too tight, so added another component.

The second time I wore it, it fell off again – this time in a friend’s driveway, and I didn’t realize it had fallen off. I actually drove over the poor thing. My friend’s neighbor spotted it in the driveway, and my friend gave it back to me. Thank-you, Jess.   Three of the components were damaged, and honestly, I should have remade the entire thing. It sure would have been easier to do, but no, I spent more time repairing the damaged components.

Process of elimination placed the blame on the magnetic clasp. This time I went to a bead store, and purchased a good magnetic clasp. Ta-da, now it stays on my wrist.

Another bracelet is being planned – a different design, and a Comfort quilt was also started this week, so stay tuned. There is more to come.



Beaded Bracelet

August 12, 2015

I had started making this ages ago, and finished it last week:


You are definitely going to want to double click on that photo, so you see what it looks like.  It was a lot of fun to make, and was a pattern in a Bead and Button magazine.  It was a 2015 issue, but I got it from the library, so am not sure what month it was published, as the magazine has since been returned.

I’m a slow beader, but enjoy using beads for jewelry and art quilts.  And I also like buying beads.  😉

Another Whisper quilt was completed yesterday, and I received the box for next month’s inspiration.   There is no joy in this month’s quilt.  The piece is really wonderful, but the subject matter is depressing, and I plan on turning it around.





Disappearing 9 Patch and Finished a Bracelet

July 31, 2014

Yesterday, I hosted a small group of creative friends at my house, and we explored Disappearing 9 Patch as shown on this site. Yes, I’m venturing into the modern quilt genre.

As usual, I skimmed the directions and didn’t follow the 4 + 5 rule. In my defense, I started sewing at 11:30pm, and I’m not all that cognitively with it at that time of night. Some blocks had 4 prints, some 5, some 3, and this is what I ended up with:

9 patch wonder

My version was made with Moda fabrics from 1999, and I ended up with a very soft, very romantic looking disappearing 9-patch.

Fabric choice is everything with this technique. Batiks would be great, Asian inspired designs, solids, just about anything would look great with this. If you used a large print, I’d cut 10″ squares or larger though, so you wouldn’t lose the design when you quarter the 9-patches.

This small piece was made from 6 blocks, and I will make another 3 blocks today so I’ll have a nice sized square. It will be the center for a Comfort quilt. I used 3″ squares as I had a stack of them already cut, but everybody at the meeting was cutting different size squares – all larger. It will be interesting to see how different they will all look.

On the jewelry front, I finished a bracelet I started in June:

random bracelet

This was really easy, and the delay was caused as I was having problems locating beads in my collection with holes large enough for 2 strands of leather cording to pass through. I had to resort to making some tubular peyote stitch beads – which took a little time to make. After making two of them I decided if I wanted to wear the bracelet this year, I’d better go bead shopping. JoAnns had the perfect wooden beads on sale, and a few other goodies, so they came home with me – not quickly.

Here’s what happened. I purchased the beads, paid for them, got home, and they were not in my bag. I didn’t realize it till 11:30pm. What is it with me and feeling the need to be creative at 11:30pm, but having issues at that time of night?

I digress. Of course, I couldn’t sleep after realizing my lovely beads were MIA, so called the store as soon as they opened the next morning. Yup, they had them behind the counter. The sales clerk didn’t put all my purchases in my bag. My husband had our car, so I couldn’t hop in it to go get them. By the time he got home, the store was closed, and then I realized, it was a 30 minute drive to go get those beads, and I’d wait till I had to do other shopping in that area. It was a week before I got back to the store.

Then my natural predispostion to procrastinate set in. The only reason this bracelet got finished was because I had to clear the ktichen table for yesterday’s meeting. And that is the end of the story of my very easy to make 6 week bracelet.


Ogden Art Group Meeting and a Bracelet

March 29, 2014

Last week the Ogden Art Group met and Karen led the group with an ingenious project. We used calligraphy to create these applique designs:

calligraphy 1

calligraphy 2

calligraphy 3

calligraphy 4

No tutorial on the technique, as I strongly suggested to Karen this would make a great book, and she’s thinking about it.

Sue had some nice pieces for Show and Tell. She is taking a watercolor workshop, and thought it would be interesting to show the class how her watercolor could be translated to fabric. She did an amazing job

Sue's watercolor

Last month’s bead guild meeting was on kumihimo using beads on the cords. This was Sue’s work:

Sue's kumihimo

I was still on vacation, so missed the workshop, but did make a bracelet on my own:
Bracelet 1

This was made by connecting some filigree pieces with jump rings, then some connectors to the ends. It was pretty unadorned, but I decided to bling it up a bit with some crystals. Smaller jump rings were used to attach the crystals along the edges. I have no clue why I added the crystals and I’m not a bling type person, so if this appeals to you, it could be yours. Just leave me a comment. and I’ll email you back with the price info.

Size info? My wrist is pretty small. It measures 6 3/4″ from the tip of the closure to the jump ring it slides into. And as usual, if you click on any of the photos, they will enlarge for you, so you can see all the details.


Sun Printing and Square Stitch Bracelet

August 19, 2013

Last week was the Ogden Art Group meeting and we did some sun printing. I forgot to bring my camera, but do have a picture of the piece I made:

Sun printing

I didn’t get a great sun print because the grid I placed on top, popped up from the fabric. You really need to have the image make contact with the fabric, and the fabric should be good and wet. The good and wet was done, but that darn grid would not stay down.

I was still pleased with the print because I had scattered Kosher salt across the top, and got some very nice color movement. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it really is lovely color movement.

In my effort to see the surface of my dining room table again, I completed a beading project I started a few months ago:

Square Stitch bracelet I made

It’s the first bracelet I’ve ever made, so cut me a little slack about the tension. I had to go and use 2 different beads that weren’t the same size for the base, so that didn’t help. I used spacers on the sides with some little seed beads to add some interest, and I’m pleased as punch with the colors. I had no clue how to attach the tube clasp, so winged it for that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a friend’s house for a painting workshop. Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures for you then.


Ogden Art Group July Meeting and Lapidary Show

July 23, 2013

Last Thursday was our regular meeting, and it was a good one. A new member came – Welcome, Jill, and we worked on square stitch beading. Jan’s piece was terrific:

Jans square stitch

I forgot to take pictures of mine and everybody elses though. What can I say? I was totally blown away by Karen’s Show and Tell:

Karens removable pillow cover

This is a most excellent example of how to use gem stones in a fiber piece. The sliced pieces of Jasper are held in place by rows of hand beading, and the flower centers are rounded mineral pieces surrounded by beads.

Aside from the beautiful original design, that is a removable pillow cover. How versatile is that? It’s stunning wrapped around the black pillow, but it would be equally dramatic with a cream satin pillow or a warm taupe. We’re all hoping she will be entering this in the upcoming Rochester Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Show & Sale to be held at the Main Street Armory, October 26-27, 2013.

Speaking of that show, there will be pieces made by members of Genesse Valley Quilt Club, and the Rochester Area Fiber Art group. It’s going to be a spectacular show. If any of my readers will be in the Rochester, NY area that weekend, it would be a great idea to add it to your “must see” list. Admission is $6 and kids 12 and under ree with an adult. Speical 2 day pass is only $9.


Sparkly Wheels and CQ Wool Christmas Ornaments

March 29, 2013

Last Thursday was the Ogden Art Group meeting, and we made Sparkly Wheel buttons. It was a pattern in Interweave’s Beadwork July 2010 magazine, and we had so much fun selecting colors. The directions were easy to follow – even for us beginner beaders – and the results were gratifying.

This is the bead I made:

My sparkly wheel

You might recognize it as the bead I used on Joyce’s round robin Stem block. Her block must have been in my subconscious when I selected the colors.

And here are a few more:
sparkly wheels

Jan Karen sparkly wheels

Janet didn’t want to bead, but brought along another project, her crazy quilted wool Christmas ornaments:
Janets Christmas Ornaments

I do so love those ornaments, and have purchased some for myself, and my daughter.


Snow Dyeing and NY Bead Guild

February 27, 2013

A little bit more snow dyeing was done last weekend and I’m very happy with the results. Here is a nice striped piece:
stripes 2

And here is a piece with an arch:

The fabric hasn’t been ironed yet as I haven’t managed to get out to purchase some iron cleaner. My iron currently has some copper glitter stuck to the sole plate from our art group meeting. I can’t wait to see how the pieces look after they’ve been ironed. These colors capture the look of my Pee Gee hydrangea flowers at the end of the blooming season perfectly.

Sunday, I attended my second NY Bead Guild meeting, and decided to join in on all the fun. The women are really friendly, and very knowledgeable. The project this month was a Wavy Wave Necklace, and I started and stopped it 4 times before I was happy with it.

First I didn’t add the little block of 4 seed beads between the waves. I actually liked the look with only 1 seed bead between the waves, but I restarted the necklace, and made it according to the directions – because I really wanted to be able to correctly follow a bead pattern.

I did not like how it was looking with those extra seed beads, so restarted it for the third time. Back to my original 1 seed bead in between the waves. As I was merrily stringing my beads, I realized I would not have enough crystals to make the necklace as long as desired. The waves were too closely spaced, and I also didn’t like the color of the seed beads I was using.

Fourth time was the charm:
necklace 2

I changed the color of the seed beads, went back to the original directions putting 4 seed beads between the waves, and am very happy with how it’s progressing.

If you double click on the photos, they will enlarge for you so you can see the details better. The black nylon bag I used for the background will soon be replaced by a piece of black velvet. It should result in better photos.


Upstate New York Bead Guild

October 7, 2012

I attended my first meeting of the Upstate New York Bead Guild today and enjoyed meeting and chatting with this talented group of beaders.  Everyone was very friendly, and I got to see some lovely beaded name tags.  Lots of different techniques were used and I especially like the one with the stacked beads.  It added lots of dimension and you could read her name easily too  – good design and functional.  You can’t ask for more than that.

We made a necklace thanks to Karen.  Mine is not finished – what else is new?  I do believe I’m the slowest workshop participant in the world, but this was the inspiration for our project:

We each made a big cabochon in the middle.  Everyone’s was different, and they were all gorgeous.

While I don’t have a picture of my jewelry from today’s meeting, I do finally have a picture of the copper earrings and necklace I made at last month’s Ogden Art Group meeting:

I loved painting on copper, and was very happy I could wear something I made to today’s meeting.

I changed it up a bit as the kit had silver jump rings and ear fasteners – the same silver color as the necklace fastener.  I purchased copper jump rings and found ear fasteners with a copper bead on them to pick up the copper on the roll.  That simple change made my day.