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December Take It Further Challenge Completed

December 31, 2008

This is my December Take It Further piece.  As usual, I work with the color palette, and I combined the January Dye Hard painted bondaweb swap with the December Take It Further challenge by using the Christmas green paint. 

This is the first fabric postcard using the Wonder Under fusible, and while I like how the paint moved, I do not like that it stuck to the paper.  I had to soak the entire piece in water to get the paper off the fusible.  I also do not like that the Wonder Under is peeling off in areas –  visible all across the bottom edge.  This is Wonder Under I’ve had for a bit, so it might be part of that bad batch from a few years ago. 

This piece reminded me of stone, so I sewed a small zig-zag stitch using cream thread to make mortar for my fabric stonewall.  There is a layer of batting under the stitching and since the fusible was flaking off, I didn’t want the fusible along the edge.  A piece of muslin was used to create a pillowcase and the card stock was slipped inside then the edge sewn closed along the bottom with nylon thread.

A layer of netting or sheer fabric would probably be a good idea to keep the fusible in place. 

And now for a bit of a rant.  If you don’t want to read me blasting the US Congress, please stop reading now and enjoy your New Year’s Eve. 

This morning’s paper had a front page article entitled:  “Congress’ raise draws criticism”.  How out of touch can our representatives be?  We are in a recession, millions of people are losing their jobs, and Congress is receiving a 2.8% raise.   It’s bad enough they get a free ride on their health care costs, but to be so arrogant as to give themselves a raise now???   Puhleese!!! 

Wake up Americans.  If you don’t like this, write, call or email your Congressman to let them know.  Maybe if enough of us speak up, our elected officials will listen us.  

Signing off with not my usual hugs, as I’m not feeling the love for Congress…


November TIFC Completed

December 20, 2008

My November TIFC is completed.  Using the dark navy as a jumping off point,  I painted some Fine Fuse fusible web to use for a January 2009 Dye Hard swap.  After a foot of snow blanketed the area yesterday, this fabric postcard was created:

9 years ago, I purchased an entire bolt of white fabric with imprinted metallic silver stars and the year 2000.  It was intended to be the backing for a quilt made with 2,000 pieces, but it wasn’t right for the pieced quilt, and I’ve slowly been using the fabric for other projects.  It’s actually a good quality, wonderfully soft fabric on the wrong side, and I’m down to the last few yards.

The painted fusible web was torn so there would be ragged edges and fused in place to cover the numbers only, leaving all the pretty silver stars to shine.  Then I cut some strips from the painted fusible web, and twirled and draped them to form ribbon like trails across the surface. 

Usually, I like doing multiple steps to create a fabric postcard, but this looked just right to me, so no burning, quilting, embellishing was added.  I folded a 1/4″ seam around the edges, then folded that over again with some cardstock for a backing.  The fabric was kept it in place by using paper clips, and nylon thread was used in the bobbin case and needle for a nearly invisible sewing line. 

This was a very neat finish and having the cardstock on the back makes it much easier to write a message – if the recipient wants to use this as a fabric postcard.


September TIF Challenge Completed

September 15, 2008

I can’t believe it, but I’ve completed the September TIF challenge way ahead of time and without making a shaded color chart. The beads were a dark value of HEX: #06174F.    If any of you would still like me to make shaded color chart, just let my know by leaving a comment on this post, and I’ll get one done ASAP.

There was a knitted beaded bracelet shown on an old Carol Duval HGTV show, and since I dearly love knitting, it’s time had arrived.  It was really easy to knit but I found I needed more yardage than stated in the directions – which can be found at 

Not about to waste all that knitting time, I added a loop and a peyote toggle button.

It took me longer to make that one toggle button than it did to knit the entire bracelet.  At first, I thought it was pretty ugly, but it’s growing on me, and I switched the button around to the top, turned it, and it now looks like a decorative addition instead of an afterthought.  This might be delusional thinking, but it works for me.  It came to me as I was typing this post so the above picture doesn’t show me wearing it that way.


August TIF Challenge Completed

September 12, 2008

I’m very late with finishing August’s challenge as we are experiencing a family emergency at the moment.  I also managed to pick up something or other, and have some time at home until the labwork comes back so I can get back to helping out.

The first thing I started to work on was finishing up the August TIF Challenge piece.

This is a block from a recently purchased pattern – the French Rose – and I chose to use the dusty pinks from color A82D2D.  The fabric has not been washed and is sewn 1/4″ away from the edge.  There are 4 layers and it supposed to ravel and curl after a few washing to create a soft, pretty, shabby chic sort of quilt.  


July’s TIFC Completed

August 24, 2008

My oh my, July was the first month I did not complete the challenge in time, but I did finally finish it.  I’m sure I was late because I was stubborn and wanted to dye a color gradation from D8C060 – the gold – to a warm based color selected at random.  I worked for days on getting the dye formula correct.  Okay, got that accomplished then realized I did not have all the Procion dyes I needed.  I really hated having to purchase 2 small containers of MX dyes when I had a shelf full of other dye powders, and I really hated having to pay for the shipping from CA to NY.  Dithering back and forth, then full blown procrastination made me miss the deadline. 

On my other blog – which focuses on art quilts and dyeing, I started printing fabric on my computer.  Light bulb moment – how about creating that color gradation on the printer? I have a fabulous Epson Photo 2000P printer that uses archival ink.  When I print on fabric, it’s permanent – no heat setting required.  Now the inks are not exactly reasonable, but for small projects it’s a heck of a lot easier, and a lot less messy than dyeing fabric.

Here’s how I went about creating a fabric gradation for the July TIFC:

1.  I used a paint program.  I have Paint Shop Pro – originally a Jasc product purchased by Corel. I selected the gold color D8C060 as my main color.  I’m drawn to warm based colors and selected a color randomly CC6666 to use as my second color. 


2.  From there, I clicked on the gradient feature in my program and it automatically created a gorgeous gradient.  I played around with angles, repeats and various gradient focal points till I found one I liked. 

3.  Once the gradiant was found, I opened a new file that was 4″ x 6″ large and filled it with the gradiant.  Now came the time to print on fabric.  All the attempts are discussed on my other blog, but here is a picture of the final print. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Now onto the August TIFC challenge.  I wonder if I can finish that by the end of this month?


August’s TIFC Color Chart

August 10, 2008

 Another month, another TIFC topic and color choice.  I’m really late with making up this month’s color value chart to share with all of you, but better late than never doing it at all.  And I didn’t put the full dark range after the navy blue, as the colors were so close, it was hard to see the difference on the computer screen.   Please feel free to copy and save this for your own use.  Enjoy!!!

July’s TIFC Color Chart

July 1, 2008

Happy July 1st to everyone!!!  Another month, another TIFC topic and color choice.  As usual, I made up a color value chart to share with all of you.  Please feel free to copy and save it on your computer.

This month’s colors are not some of my favorites, but I did come up with a variation that has captured my interest.  Instead of blending the colors with black and white, I will be experimenting with blending them with colors I adore.  Eureka!!!  I can now play happily with this month’s colors.

That is a simple variation, but a very important one for me.  It is very comfortable to reach for and use my favorite colors for all my fiber projects.  It wouldn’t hurt to branch out and incorporate some new colors in my work, and it will be a wonderful learning experience on how to get from the warm based colors I favor, to the cool based colors I avoid.  


June’s TIFC Completed

June 28, 2008

This month, I started Sharon’s Encrusted Crazy Quilt class on Joggles and decided to use June’s TIFC colors for my block. 

I thoroughly enjoyed going through color variations at Color Wizard  and selected complimentary versions of some of the colors for my block:

The rich, dark, saturated shades are my favorites, and I thoroughly enjoyed selecting them for this block with a few lights added for some contrast. The upper left corner is a black cotton fabric with gold metallic speckles on it, and the long piece under it has some black netting with gold stitching attached to a variegated cream fabric. 

My collection of fancy fabrics is gradually increasing and I was able to use some shiny navy acetate, and a dressy lining fabric – the aqua center triangle – with a silk tie remnant next to it, and a diagonal multi colored silk piece towards the bottom.  It was hand dyed, discharged and overdyed by Jeanne Beck.

The gold piece is a tone on tone tapestry with a piece of dark brown lace angled over the edge. Unfortunately , the tapestry threadwork doesn’t  show up well in this photo.  All the rest of the fabric is quilting type cottons.

I’m really looking forward to starting Lesson 2 this weekend, and finding out what the TIFC will be for July.

June’s TIF Color Shading Chart

June 1, 2008

Sharon posted the colors for June’s TIF Challenge and I made a color blend chart for everyone again.  Please feel free to copy it, and I hope it is of some help in selecting your colors.

May TIF Challenge Completed

May 31, 2008

This month I focused on the theme of the challenge and used some of my hand dyed fabric that I over painted  with a metallic bronze.  The fabric layout is a result of a paper cutting design exercise led by Janet Root.  A font from Paint Shop Pro was used to print my response on fabric to Sharon’s question “How do you describe yourself as an artist? ”


I simply say I am a fiber artist. Most people have a basic understanding of that concept, but quite frankly, I don’t think that fits. 

I am what I am.  Yes, I’m of the generation that grew up watching Popeye, and you know what?  He got it right.  I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.  And I’m darn happy living with that philosophy.

57 years of experience (as of May 29th) has taught me not to try and define who, or what I am.  Heck, I was born under the astrological Gemini sign.  I’m confused enough as it is.  LOL  Now you other people born under the twin sign know exactly what I’m talking about.  You get all excited and motivated about starting a project, only to have your other self say – oh look at what is being done over there.  Let’s make that too.  LOL

If I want to knit, tat a motif, make a Kumihimo braid, dye some fabric or yarn, make a beaded button, sew an item of clothing, embroider by hand or machine, crochet, make an art, crazy or traditional quilt, and on and on…. I can do it now, or try to learn how.   I can also cook a meal for my Dad, visit with my daughter, pet my cat, plant some flowers, read a book, and last but not least, be very grateful I married the right man for me.  Freedom is a blessing.

If I sell my art, that’s great.  I can afford to purchase more supplies, take a new workshop, buy some more books and magazines.  If I don’t sell it, I get the joy of creating it, and enjoy living with it, proudly displayed throughout my environment. 

So, yes, I would reluctantly say I’m a fiber artist, but I’m really a complex biological construct that is evolving and taking it day by day, having fun along the way.