There are lots of reasons why I haven’t been posting to my blog.

The first reason was I’ve been making Whisper Quilts, and I’m really not supposed to be revealing them.  Little else creative activity has been going on aside from them.

The second reason was I got lazy.  I’ve been taking lots of photos of wildlife around here, but didn’t transfer them to my laptop.  I’ve since done so, and it’s been a real wild kingdom around here.  Deer and fox in the front yard:

deer fox by slate mom and baby fox

The two baby fox are on the slate steps to my front porch – really close to the house.  The whole family – mother, father, and 4 babies have spent their summer with us, and I love the photo of the mother grooming her child’s ears in our driveway.

The backyard has been full of turkeys:


And then my 96 year old father fell.  My husband found him on the floor in his patio home, called the ambulance, and after 5 horrible days in the hospital, and a few short hours in Hospice, he passed away.

Planning a funeral, clearing out his patio home, dealing with financial obligations,  having to go back to the same stinking hospital to have a surgical procedure of my own 4 days later, and then I was home – where I promptly deflated.

It’s not like I collapsed or anything.  All I knew was my daily morning phone call to my Dad wasn’t going to happen anymore.  When I called his phone number the day after my procedure to make sure his phone line was disconnected, I got the message that the number was no longer in service.  it was the catalyst for my grief to surface – big time.    No more good mornings, no more singing you are my sunshine to each other, no more saying I love you as we ended our daily phone calls.  I miss my Dad, but I’m so grateful he was able to stay independent, in his beloved patio home till the very end.

You see he loved his patio home.  He loved seeing the turkeys and deer play outside his windows.  He loved having his privacy.  He was happy talking to his 3 daughters every day, visiting with them weekly, and singing his heart out at all hours of the day and night.  He did so love to sing – especially love songs about my mother.

My mother passed away almost 9 years ago.  My Dad had her wedding picture in his bedroom, and he woke up every single morning and said. “Good morning, honey.  I love you.”  And when he went to bed, he told her, “Good night, honey.  I love you.”

My Dad was laid to rest on my mother’s birthday this year – reunited with the love of his life forever.

Good night,  I love you.


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