Improv 101

I have very little experience with improv quilting, so when my small focus group decided to try an improv round robin, I went along for the ride.   After all, you never know if you’ll like something, if you don’t try it.  This extremely traditional shadow quilt design was selected as the central block:

Diane original

Challenging, no???

Never in my wildest imagination did I think Marcia could bring this block into modern times, but she did with this wonderful addition:

Diane step 1

And then Sue added the bottom cross blocks:

Diane step 2

And Beth added some flowers, lots and lots of cheerful flowers:

Diane step 3

Are you as impressed as I am, because I’m mega impressed.  I never thought that traditional block could be transformed like this.

Not being able to leave anything alone, I thought the left border needed a little something, something, so angled the two fabrics and am debating between version 1:

Improv 1

and version 2:

Improv 2

Which do you like best?  If version 2 is the one you like, I will use that new fabric for some flower center yo-yos, and most likely the binding.

Inquiring minds what to know – really – which version do you like?





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