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Last 5 Mayflower Blocks

February 25, 2018

Ta-da!!! All the Mayflower Blocks are completed before month 11 templates arrive – even with the delay in receiving them. I’m oh so proud of myself.





Looking forward to receiving the next set, and might start making some of the 31 half square triangles needed to complete Delilah.   That will happen if I finish piecing the Comfort Quilt I’m also making. Now that I’m mobile, I’m getting to join all the quilters in our resort, and in danger of running out of quilt projects while in Tucson. That’ll teach me not to pack so light for future trips.



4 Mayflower Blocks

February 20, 2018

A few days of rain in Tucson resulted in me cutting out the fabric for all 9 Mayflower blocks. I usually select the fabric for a Delilah block, sew it up, then select the fabric for the next block. It is much more efficient to cut all the fabric at once, but I never bothered to do so at home for this quilt, probably  because I have lots of options at home.  Not so many in my 34’ RV.

No complaining though.  Lots of options, makes it harder to make decisions. It’s good to switch it up every so often.

So here are the first 4 Mayflower blocks:






Last 2 Sprinkled Delight

February 4, 2018

I’m happy to say the last 2 of these block designs are completed. Each one is different and I am very ready to start the next design.


The next fabric kit has not arrived yet so it’s a good test of my patience. My husband will tell you I have none, but I’m thinking he’s wrong,  as I’m not swearing and complaining about it much.  It’s hard to get upset about mail delays  when I’m in my happy place, and Tucson is most definitely my happy place in the winter.




Another 2 Sprinkled Delight Blocks

February 3, 2018

These little blocks are slowly but surely being completed, and one of them was actually sewn according to the directions.

This TOM was driving me crazy till I finally loosened up about it. I’ve never made a quilt using a fabric kit, and it forced me to work with colors a different way.  It took me 8 months to go with the flow. Yeah, I know, I know. Took me long enough, but it’s good to know I don’t have a closed mind. The doors might be mighty rusty, and take their own sweet time to open up, but they do still open.

This first block is the one done according to the directions, and the other is a variation on the design.



3 More Sprinkled Delights

January 29, 2018

Three more Sprinkled Delight blocks are completed and there are four more to go. While I’m having fun playing around with different ways to make this block, this is not one of my favorite designs in the Delilah quilt.

Here they are:



Sprinkled Delights and Year End Review

January 12, 2018

Just like I said in the last post, I couldn’t wait to start the next set of blocks for Delilah. I didn’t even wait for the templates and fabric kit to arrive, so these two blocks are variations of The Spinkled Delights Block.

I definitely prefer the more complex look of the second block.

This is the first time I’m creating a post on my iPhone and I can not figure out how to add text after I’ve inserted the photos, so here goes with my year end wrap up.

I have successfully purged 4,001 pounds of stuff out of my house.  Neither my husband nor I can see one bit of difference.  What the heck is up with that?

Seems we’re both guilty of still purchasing way too many items.  My downfall is fabric.  I won’t comment on what he buys because it covers a wide range of items.

There will be a different approach taken in 2018 because relocating is becoming more of a reality, and we need to get serious about downsizing.

Happy New Year to all and as always,




Delilah 4 Patch Square Blocks Completed

November 18, 2017

The last two of these blocks have been completed:

mine 3Love the outward flying birds on this block, and just got the fussy cutting done from the small piece of fabric I received in the kit.  I’d actually like to purchase more of this fabric, but already own so much, I feel I should be using what I already own.  Nothing is to stop Santa from delivering some to me though.  😉

And here is the 4th and last block for the month:

mine 4Those fussy cut leaves ended up being a bit more dramatic than I thought.  They definitely overshadow the fussy cuts pansies, and I love the fussy cut pansies.

Those leaves are even dominate in the quilt layout:

Delilah 7It’ll be another week before I receive the next set of templates, so I will take this time to attempt making a top for myself.  I really need some new clothes, and might as well try.

Much as I love making quilts, they are piling up around Casa Diane.  I donate plenty, but somehow manage to keep a few, and I already own way too many.  I use about 40 of them for my trunk show – yes 40, but still have more in residence.

What I need are clothes, so I’m going to attempt making something for my three dimensional, curvy body.  Wish me luck with fitting myself.  I’d better figure out how, as this is the one I have, and it’s time to figure out how to adorn it.  😉

And yes indeedy, I used the word adorn.  I’m a senior, I’m not a conventional dress size, but I’m going to do my very best to shine in my me-made clothes.  I want my outer appearance to match my inner happiness.








Delilah Orbit Blocks 2

November 2, 2017

Finished the last two Orbit blocks, and put them into a schematic of the entire quilt.

master quilt 6aThe colored blocks are the ones I’ve made, and they were superimposed over a grey scaled image of the finished quilt.

I’m learning quite a bit about color.  I purchased the fabric kit along with the templates, and can honestly say, I would never have purchased a good half of these fabrics.  Each and every fabric I receive will be used in this quilt though, and guess what?  They all play just fine with each other.  Oh, I’ve added some fabric from my collection, but the further the TOM progresses, I find I’m using more and more from the kit.   That’s a good thing.

This is the half way point.  Kit 7 (out of 12) arrived Monday.  4 more blocks will be added to the layout soon.  One is already cut out and waiting to be sewn.  Can’t be too long before all 4 blocks will appear on the blog.



Delilah Orbit Blocks

October 17, 2017

Nope, not finished with this month’s blocks yet, but thought I’d post a progress report.  Two out of four are completed:

Lots of points, lots of Y-seams and all totally done by sewing machine.  That means lots of stops and starts with short seams.

I am really pleased with how well the points match, but struggling with the color selection.  I love the first one, but the second one is “meh” to me.  I do love the little bunny in the center, and the rich orange and blue combo though.  And now that I’m dissecting the block, it’s not all that bad after all.  Guess I needed a little distance from it.  It isn’t one of my favorites, but it plays well with the rest of the blocks.

On a personal note, it’s the end of gardening season.  Yeah for that!!!  I love having fresh veggies, but I hate processing them for storage.  Some get frozen, some dehydrated, and anyway you look at it, it’s a lot of work.  I am so glad I’m done for the year, and now I can get out of the kitchen, although I have started baking fresh bread again.

I will totally enjoy using the garden veggies this winter though – which is why my dear husband puts in a garden.  They get served as side dishes, put in soups, and added to multiple recipes.  Just for the heck of it, I’m going to list everything I did.

Dehydrated zucchini and made plenty of meals with it.  That zucchini is one prolific veggie.

Dehydrated tomatoes and enjoyed lots of BLTs

Froze green beans, and made lots of green beans, potato and spaghetti suppers.

Froze corn and had not one, not two, not three, but 4 plantings of corn on the cob being harvested.

Froze sweet red peppers and stuffed enough of them for 22 main meals.  Also made lots of sweet red pepper sauce with them.

Froze onions – chopped them for easy use in Instant Pot meals this winter.

Used carrots, parsnips, onions, leeks and Brussel sprouts in meals

Lettuce for fresh salads

Made marinara from zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Roasted Chinese chestnuts

It’s a wonder I got any sewing done since the garden started doing it’s thing.  😉




Delilah North Star Blocks

September 28, 2017

Ta-da, I finished up this month’s blocks, the day after I received next month’s blocks (Orbit).  No breather in between blocks this time, and it is all good, because everyone who has already done the Orbit blocks, says they are not easy – not one little bit.  It was great to get them a little early this time around.

You see, Orbit has the dreaded Y-seams in them.  Ah well, I’m not going to borrow trouble, but instead bask in the glory of completing the 5 North Star blocks:

These were a joy to sew, and I’m oh so pleased with how well the points match.  They finished to the correct size too.

These blocks are a mix of kit fabric, what I already owned, and what I purchased for this project.  The recently  purchased fabrics were primarily low volume fabrics.  I did not have a lot of them in my fabric collection, and one of my local fabric stores – Sew Creative – came to the rescue.

The oldest fabric used in a block was from the 1970’s.  Yes, the 1970’s.  There were only scraps left, but that’s why I have a scrap drawer, and to be honest, my scraps have way outgrown their “containment” area.  There will be a lot more projects featuring fabric scraps appearing here soon.  And then again, maybe not so soon.  😉  I’m not exactly a speedy maker, but I do so enjoy creating.